A Fashion designer – A profession that has become a famous option for a career in the recent years but an occupation that requires a calling to be successful. It is a task of countless hours of creativity that adds up to a great sense of fulfillment.

We are a group of individuals who believes in crafting and manufacturing clothes that resembles our own unique artistry. We are specialists that transforms these works of art to suit a client that desires to wear our masterpieces. Whether it is a piece that is mass produced and affordable or a customized silhouette that comes with an expensive price tag.

However; the irony of working in this amazing industry is the amount of resentment we have to endure due to the disregard of our efforts as designers by some clients that we come across. Because;



Seamstresses and tailors are professionals who knows how to handle a sewing machine and fabric to create a garment of the client’s choice.

In comparison; a fashion designer is a professional who was trained to identify the anatomy of a human being and to decide which silhouette suits particular individuals, what colors compliments their skin, the fabric consumption for a specific design and the quality and the type of materials that can be used to make the design a wearable masterpiece.

But many clients that we come across do not know the difference between these professions. They assume that they know what they want by looking through the images on Google and they presume that some designers are just a manufacturing plant that will make the outfit of their preference.

But; have you ever heard of a celebrity taking a picture from the web to Carolina Herrera and ask her to re-create it? NEVER! We may not be as large and famous as the house of Herrera but nor can many clients afford a design of such caliber. Hence we are both on a similar levels in our abilities to create as well as the ability to afford.



We are a group of professionals who worked very hard to achieve our qualifications in textile and fashion design. We spent night after night, making patterns, cutting fabric, draping calico on dress-forms; figuring out how to do certain styles. And we couldn’t sleep for weeks after graduating because the stress and the work that required to complete our qualification transformed us into nocturnal animals.

We spent hours in front of computer screens till our backs and necks broke to learn Photoshop and illustrator, so we become skilled to supply the demand of the fast fashion industry.


We had to grow a thick skin and freeze our tears to accept the criticism of our senior lecturers when we had to present our collections every semester.

We spent years studying about fashion history, practiced drawing fashion illustration till our hands were swollen, and struggled to create masterpiece after masterpiece that were demanded from our curriculum.

Designers from my gen graduated in the recession era in the early 2009s and we struggled very hard to get jobs that provided us exposure because back then we did not look for a salary. All we wanted was to work and master our skills.

And even after a decade of being designers, most of us still work every day to refine our skills and to become better in this field we have chosen. Our efforts to master this skill never ends.

In this journey some of us have damaged our eyesight, had to choose between the demands of the trade or to start a family, lost many hours of sleep and have got permanent dark circles, worried over and over about how to pay the staff and rent when the going gets tough, but still; we never give up.

We love making clothes, we love seeing our beautiful clients shining bright amongst the majority, and we take great pride in knowing that we made someone’s day by creating a silhouette that was specially designed to define who they are!


Just because a dress is LKR 2500 at a retail store doesn’t mean you can get the same deal from a designer. The Designer will look at your body type-skin and decide what’s appropriate, choose fabric and color for the project, create a brand new pattern, work on one dress for a stretch to create a unique piece of silhouette that no one else has and which will make “YOU” stand out of the crowd. And that my dear clients, will not come cheap!

And when you bring in a reference images from your stylist- “Google”, some designers might do it for you for the financial gains, but some others will not because they consider each of their productions as a symbol of their signature style. And they will give you their honest feedback. Be humble enough to accept their advice because Fashion Design is a profession that is specialized to do what we do.

  • We are not your next door seamstress – and thus we will not hem your dress or alter your kid’s pants. Learn to do it by yourself, its more economical.
  • We are not the general sari blouse maker as well. There’s an amount of knowledge and expertise that goes into designing a specialized sari blouse, hence our prices will be higher.
  • And yes we do charge for consultancy. Because time is money. And designers do many roles to create a beautiful garment from scratch.


A doctor is not superior to a designer and a scientist is not superior to a lawyer. We are all inter-connected. Doctors needs clothes as much as scientists do. And  designers needs medicine as much as lawyers do.

I have come across many people who considers our job a mere third level profession. Sometimes the wealthier they are the more they bargain. It takes great levels of tolerance to remain calm in such occasions because we were trained to respect our customers. To make them feel at ease when doing a transaction. But we are human as well.

So the next time you decide to get an outfit done, think, are you going to be your own designer and stylist? Then go to the seamstress next door and get it done. Do you want to get an outfit designed for your special event and work with a designer to create a design that suits your personality? Then come to us. We would love to work with you!



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