My Shift Dress Collection

Hello Sewcialists,

Today, I am going to write about my love affair with the timeless silhouette – The shift dress! This style has revamped my wardrobe and has given me a choice of clothing that can be worn in this scorching heat while also looking fashionable and chic.

This ultimate style can be made in day-wear fabrics as well as more elegant fabrics and the possibilities are endless. I have to admit that the shift dress has become a staple in my closet and I will be surely making many more in the coming weeks. 

So here’s a peek at my favorite dresses from the past eight months. 

The Sailor Dress


  • Fabric – Linen
  • Trims – Velvet + Code

The Painter Dress


  • Fabric – printed linen
  • Trims – Pearl collar

The Emerald Dress


  • Fabric – Brocade

The Beige Dress


  • Fabric – Cotton
  • Trims – Pearl Shoulder pieces

The Linen Twinsies

  • Fabric – Printed Linen

The Japanese Dress


  • Fabric – printed Linen

The Red Dress


  • Fabric – Cotton Satin
  • Trims – Pentagon Border

The Coral Polka


  • Fabric – Cotton Stretch
  • Trims – Lace Circle Border

All these dresses were made using New look 6145; which I have used to make more than 15 dresses for myself as well as for others. And continues to remain one of my favorite commercial patterns of all time! you can purchase yours here : Newlook 6145


Hope you all like my girls, Can’t wait to make more…

Till next time,

Love, Ludee



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