Wave the Green and White

Hello Sewcialists,

Its going to be two posts in one day, because we just celebrated the Sinhala & Tamil New year here in Sri Lanka and I made a special dress in the auspicious color (Green) and I cannot wait to share it with you all. So here it is; my beautiful green polka dot skater dress!


The inspiration

Since the auspicious color was Green and I already made an emerald green shift dress early this year (The Emerald Dress), I really wanted to make another silhouette. I saw this fabric lying in a gigantic roll in my little local fabric store  (they have coral, blue, baby pink and green) and I thought it was perfect for this project. And when I was researching, I found the below picture and I knew I wanted that dress in my closet!


The pattern 

I used the Newlook Pattern 6020 which I absolutely in love with and I have few more fabrics that I am intend to make in the same pattern.


Pattern alterations

  • reduced the hem in 2″ all aorund


  • cotton stretch

I am yet to wear this beauty and I will upload some pics when I do.

Hope you all like it!

Love, Ludee



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