The One Hour Top

Hello Sewcialists,

Lately I have been obsessed about making a bat-wing top pattern that I developed from an old t-shirt. It’s so easy to make and it takes only about an hour to complete the entire garment.

I sewed a lace dress version of it last year and 2016 was all about tops although I’m pretty sure I’ll be making the dress version as well in the future.

Here’s the first. I used an old lace fabric that I has been in my fabric stash for years and I have already worn this top a several times.



That’s me wearing it at for my Toastmasters Club meeting

The Second version was also made from some fabric I found in the stash. I ultimately made it look like a dress but it is actually a skirt and a bat-wing top.


IMG-20160106-WA0004There you go.. those are my one hour wonders that I absolutely love having in my closet. I’ll most probably be making many more from this simple pattern I drafted. Hope you all like it.

Till Next time…

Love, Ludee



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