Book Review #1 – Love At First Stitch

Hello Sewcialists of the world,

This review has been long overdue. Love at First stitch was created for us by the very talented and very pretty Tilly Walnes of the Great British Sewing Bee fame. It’s my first contemporary dressmaking book and is very special to me because after working in the fashion industry for many years, sewing had gone to the back seat of my priorities and I hardly ever sewed before this book came into my life. I love sewing, and I am forever grateful for Tilly for creating such an interesting book.

The book was gifted to me by my boyfriend who is the main reason behind my sewing journey. He encouraged me and appreciated me for even the littlest thing I sewed and even now, whenever I create, I know that no matter what he will be my biggest fan even if I come up with a pile of crap.


That’s the beautiful message he wrote for me in the book…

I made a few garments from the book and I love each and every piece. I started off with the Bridgitte Scarf because my sewing skills were very rustic at the time I made it, 25 weeks ago to be exact. I made a Polka dot Silk mix polyester scarf to match my new pumps.

Tilly’s Bridgitte
My Bridgitte

Then I made the following styles form the book and gotta say my favorite is the Megan Dress. I already made 3 Megan dresses for myself.

PicMonkey Collage

My Margot Pyjamas
My Clemence Skirt
PicMonkey Collage2
My Megan Dresses

I am yet to make the Lilou Dress and the Delphine Skirt. I have already cut out the pattern for the Delphine skirt and one of these days I’ll whip up my own and write a blog post about it.

Most sewing books are targeted to the beginner but what I like about Tilly’s book is that it takes you through from a very basic project to something relatively complicated. In comparison to the pattern-making and dressmaking we did in design college where we spent hours perfecting fits this book was a breath of fresh air to a rustic dressmaker like me. I fell in love with sewing all over again because of all these projects  and I cant wait to make some for my friends too…

A must buy for anyone whose looking to become a dressmaker or to pump up their closets with DIY clothes. I would give five stars for this book and highly recommend it to all the creators out there…

Till next time,

Love, Ludeé


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