Everyone Deserves a Fabulous Wardrobe

Hello Sewcialists,

First of all there are two kinds of girls. The ones who played with Barbie dolls and the ones who played with teddy bears. I have always been a Barbie girl and I had a collection of 25 when I was younger. There are 8 remaining from that 25 and they are residing in my wardrobe in different shelves!

While I was sewing, I suddenly thought of them, and it triggered me that I can use the scraps of my beautiful fabric to create a brand new Barbie wardrobe and that’s just what I did. Even the smallest fabric piece deserves a special place and since I am not a quilter, this is the best way to use them and keep them.

Here are the two most recent Barbie dresses I sewed for my latest barbie doll that I bought last year and named Zoya Dominica…

B1 B2

I love the way Zoya looks in her casual striped dress and in her velvet sequin ball gown. I hope you like it too..

I was also inspired by this miniature couture dress video by Dior


Till next time..

Love, Ludeé


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