My Sewing Vows

Hello Sewcialists,

Happy July! The beginning of the second half of 2015 and I am thoroughly excited about what’s ahead of the coming months…

First of all I need to make a confession. I have been very lazy in writing qualitative content for my posts and from today onward I vow to make a serious commitment to write detailed posts about the things I sew. Sewing is my biggest passion and the one I want to make a living with so it is my duty to treat it with due respect.

I will be writing about the following points in each of my posts

  • Pattern Details
  • Fabric Details
  • Learning Points
  • Time
  • Rate the overall sewing experience with a smiley face scale

Second of all, I am going to make a commitment to sew something daily and record it on this blog. I am determined not to fail and make this challenge work. What I hope to achieve through this challenge is

  • Consistency in sewing
  • Learn new techniques through trial and error
  • Use the patterns and fabrics that have long been forgotten and not used in my stack
  • Treat sewing seriously and as a daily duty
  • make 30 garments that will shine in my closet

So wish me luck! Till Next time…

Love, Ludeé


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