Sewing Resolution for 2015

Hello All, Wishing you’ll a very happy new year and God’s blessings to achieve all your dreams… Although I have been writing a lot, I didn’t publish anything here since what I wrote was not all sewing related. Anyhow I’m hoping to start off this fabulous year with the following quote from “The Alchemist”.


I want to dedicate this year to renew and sharpen the skills that I have been blessed with. After working in the fashion industry for five years, I have lost the practice of skills that I truly fell in love and felt passionate about in my early years. Sewing is number one, and I promise myself and to my few but cherished readers to post as many projects as possible in the coming weeks.

To be honest, I didn’t invest enough in my passions the past year, especially sewing. I’ve always come up with an excuse to procrastinate and never commit to complete a project, but an incident (which I cannot disclose in public) occurred two weeks back and I decided to beat all the demons inside me and start doing things that matter to me. It is my duty to fulfill the purpose I was sent to do!

Today in the morning I came across a pile of vintage clothes and among them I found an embroidered veil and an embroidered half circle pillow cover, both of which my grandmother made in the early 90’s. She has passed away but the things that she made still brings happy memories of my childhood and are still preserved to show me that her legend continues. And now its my turn to take it to the next level. We have always been a family that loved sewing, that is our thing you know! 🙂

So I sat down and wrote down a list of projects that I will be doing for this year, and I created an Excel sheet to monitor the progress and deadlines. I am someone who needs deadlines otherwise I become the easiest victim of idleness.


There you go, a screen shot of the listed projects that I WILL complete in the coming weeks. There is 50 to be exact so look forward to a lot of posts from me! I really and truly want to do this and I hope the entire universe will conspire to help me out…

My aim is to complete these 50 projects before my birthday which will be in end of May. It’s gonna be tough, but so what, life is too short, and I have been lazy for too long, so I’m getting down to business right now!

Till next time…


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